Easy Japanese Grammar Workbook 1

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Nouns and Adjectives

This and That: こ・そ・あ・ど

Nouns with です

Saying “and” with Nouns

Plain forms with Nouns

 Adjectives with です

Saying “and” with  Adjectives

Plain forms with  Adjectives

 Adjectives with です

Saying “and” with  Adjectives

Plain forms of  Adjectives

The most: いちばん

Colours before Nouns

Colours with です

Counters summary

Counting systems

Using Counters in a sentence

Adverbs: Describing Actions

Common uses of Adverbs

Not often and Neverあまり and ぜんぜん


Chapter 2: Verbs

Basic Conjugations: The Verb Stem and endings

Invitations: ~ませんか

Verb Groups from the ます form

The form

Common uses of the  Form: I am doing: ~て います

Common uses of the  Form: Please do: ~て ください

The Plain Present or Dictionary Form

ことwith the Plain Present

The Plain Past

The Plain Negative Form

The Plain Past Negative Form

The Potential Form: Making the Potential Form

Using Potential Verbs in a sentence


Chapter 3: Particles

Making Sentences in Japanese

Particles  and 

Particle : Too, also and both

Not only but also


Chapter 4: Joining Sentences

“And” between Nouns

 “And” between sentences

Joining sentences with the form

Because: から

But: でもand 

Joining multiple ideas Part 1: ~たり~たりする

While: ながら


Chapter 5: Sentence Endings

Bring and take: もってくる・つれていく

Comparisons: のほうが

Going somewhere for a purpose:  Verb stem にいきます

Past Experience: ~たことがあります

Permission to do: You may  ~てもいい

Please Don’t: ~ないでください

Prohibition: You must not ~てはいけません

To be: あります and います

です vs あります

Too much: すぎます

Try Doing something: ~てみます

I want to do: ~たいです

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