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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Nouns and Adjectives

Counters: Only each and more                               だけ・ずつ・もう

Adjectives from Nouns:                                             てき

Nouns from Verbs: How to do                                 かた

Nouns from Adjectives:                                            

The most Part 2                                                           いちばん

Is called                                                                          という

Chapter 2: Verbs                                                   

Verb Groups                                                             from the Dictionary Form

The Te form                                                              from the Dictionary Form

Plain Negative                                                          from the Dictionary Form

Transitive and Intransitive Verbs                         

The Volitional Form                                               from the ます Form

                                                                                     from the Dictionary Form

                                                                                     Common Uses and Idioms

Honorifics                                                                Special Verbs

Chapter 3: Particles                                             

Question words and Particles                           Some

                                                                                    でも Any

                                                                                     + ない No

                                                                                     Every, any, some

Only Part 1                                                              だけ

Only Part 2                                                              しか with ない

Quotation marker                                                

Chapter 4: Joining Sentences                             

After                                                                          あとで

After doing                                                             ~てから

Alternating states                                                ~たり~たりする Part 2

Although                                                                  のに

And, what’s more                                                

Because                                                                   ので

Before                                                                      まえ

Conditional Sentences: If and When           ~たら

Conditional Sentences: If                                 ~ば

 Conditional Sentences: When                  

Embedded Questions                                         かどうか

                                                            vs かどうか

Even though, even if                                          ても

Purpose                                                                    ために

Relative Clauses                                                      

So that                                                                     ように

When                                                                        ときに

While                                                                         あいだに

Chapter 5: Sentence Endings                             

Accidental and Completed Actions               ~てしまう

Comparisons: Negative Comparisons          ほど

Decisions                                                                  ことにする・ことになる

Describing Changes                                             なる

Duty                                                                           べき

Easy and hard to do                                            やすい・にくい

Expectations                                                           はず

Giving Advice: You should                                 ~たほうがいい・~たらいい

Giving Advice: You should not                         ~ないほうがいい

Giving and Receiving                                           もらう・あげる・くれる

Giving and Receiving Favours                          ~てもらう・あげる・くれる

Intentions                                                                 つもり

It seems, it looks                                                  そう

It seems that; reporting information            らしい

It looks like, it’s like                                             よう

Might                                                                         かもしれません

Obligation: You must                                          ~なければなりません

Opinions                                                                    とおもう

Permission not to do: You don’t have to       ~なくてもいい

Plans                                                                           よてい

Prohibition: You must not                                   ~てはいけません

Reporting on Information from a Source     ~によると………そうです

Want: I want you to                                             ~てほしい

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