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Nouns and Adjectives

Adjectives from Nouns: てき

Adverbs: Describing Actions

Called: という






Nouns from Adjectives:

Nouns from Verbs: How to do かた

The most: いちばん

This and That: こ・そ・あ・ど



Basic Conjugations: The Verb Stem and endings


The Plain Negative Form

The Plain Past

The Plain Past Negative Form

The Plain Present or Dictionary Form

The Potential Form: Making the Potential Form

The form

Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

Verb Groups

The Volitional Form



Making Sentences in Japanese






Particles  vs 


Particle : Quotation marker

Particles  and 

Question words and Particles


Joining Sentences

Although: のに

And in Japanese

And, what’s more:

Because: からand ので

Before and After: あとで、まえに、~てから

But: でも and                                              

Conditional Sentences: ~ば、なら、~たら 、と

Embedded Questions                                  

Even though, even if: ても

Multiple ideas: ~たり~たりする

Noun Phrases: こと

Purpose: ために

Relative Clauses                                          

So that: ように

When: ときに

While: あいだに

While: ながら


Sentence Endings

Accidental and Completed Actions: ~てしまう

Bring and take: もってくる・つれていく

Changes: なる

Comparisons: のほうが・ほど~ない

Decisions: ことにする・ことになる

Duty: べき

Easy and hard to do: やすい・にくい

Expectations: はず

Giving Advice: ほうがいい

Giving and Receiving                                  

Going somewhere for a purpose: Verb stem にいきます

I am doing: ~て います

Intentions: つもり

Invitations: ~ませんか

It looks like, it’s like: よう

It seems, it looks: そう

It seems that; reporting information: らしい

Might: かもしれません

Obligation: You must     

Opinions: とおもう

Past Experience: ~たことがあります

Permission: ~てもいい・~なくてもいい

Plans: よてい

Please Do: ~て ください

Please Don’t: ~ないでください

Potential Sentences

Prohibition: You must not                           

Reporting on Information from a Source: ~によると そうです

Sometimes: ことがある

Suggestions: ~たらいい・~たらどうですか

To be: あります and います・です vs あります

Too much: すぎます

Try Doing something: ~てみます

Want: I want to do ~たいです

Want: I want you to ~てほしい


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